Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Hello World!

After years of being an admirer (..well, borderline ogler) of well dressed individuals, I finally decided to create a blog to capture their awesomeness forever and dedicate them reams of cyber space!

To be honest, yes, I think I am a self-appointed Fashion Police. I ohh and aah everytime a well dressed pair of legs walks past me (both men and women) and am shameless enough to cringe (dramatically loudly) my eyes, my eyes!! when a shabby/misfit/and plain hideously dressed individual comes in sight.

Personally, style to me is an expression of individuality. There should be no 'rules' to it. You like it, your choice, you wear it! But sadly, more often than not, the results are meh.. and er, terrible in some cases. That's were the subtle 'definitions' come in handy. For example, color coordinated belt and shoes in men. Who doesn't like a man who puts in efforts to buy them as a pair and flaunt them together too! Especially when it is tan brown...sigh.. Some Dressers (as they shall be referred to henceforth) however, while flouting the basics end up totally owing the look and knock it straight out the park! Those kinds, me loves and feature here.

On the offside, I would be lying if I say I haven't toyed with the idea of being a professional 'corporate stylist' (well, no harm dreaming).  This blog is a step in the direction to get a reality check if I will be accepted or shooed away later... One step at a time.

Anyway,If you're reading this, I'd appreciate your blunt (brutal is just fine) feedback on all posts. . 'nuf said...am setting the ball rolling. Cheers!

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